Aromatherapy Massage

A skillful deep massage with warm essential oils is helping to lose any perceptible tensions/pains in your back, neck and shoulders. Special kneading movements with specially stailored aromatherapy massage oils of your choice do relax & unlock your muscles and bring you back on track. During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale essential oil molecules and absorb them through your skin. They are thought to promote beneficial changes in your mind and body by affecting the limbic system, a region of the brain known to be involved in emotion.

30 min  30 KM     |     60 min   60 KM     |     90 min   80 KM

Classic Massages

Classic massage is used to prevent and treat diseases. And of course, it also works as a pure wellness treatment which mainly is used for prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but of course it can as well be used as a wellness treatment. It is offered as a partial or a full body treatment. The classical massage helps with complaints of the musculoskeletal system, such as tension or muscle pain. The classical massage treatment is very popular for migraines, headaches, psychological tension, restlessness and stress. Also, it is used to treat so-called psychosomatic disorders.

30 min  30 KM     |     60 min   60 KM     |     90 min   80 KM

Relaxing Massages

Hot Stone Massage

Through the warmth of the lava stones, heat penetrates deep into the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. This also creates increased oxygen to the cells and tissues and loosens the tension in the muscles. This extremely relaxing massage is concentrated on the back, neck and shoulder area.

60 min   65 KM     |     90 min   80 KM

Duo Massage

Do you wish to have a relaxing massage together with your partner, friend or colleague? Just choose one of our offered massages and enjoy unforgettable moments it in the same room together.

60 min   100 KM     |     90 min   140 KM

Treatment with Argan Oil

Relax to the pleasure of argan oil treatment and allow your skin to regenerate. Argan oil has exceptional regeneration and rejuvenation abilities due to high concentrations of essential fatty acids, which prevent drying and maintain skin elasticity. stimulates collagen metabolism and increases its solubility in the dermis. Moisturizes and softens, especially dry and mature skin. It is also extremely effective for nail and hair care.

30 min   35 KM     |     60 min   65 KM     |     90 min   80 KM

Wellness Massage

Massage not only helps ease our aches and pains but is also important for our sense of well-being. Many of our daily tasks demand repeated movements like standing up and sitting down. Stiffness can occur and the body can feel tense and tired. A relaxation massage can help the body recharge its batteries, energize and invigorate. The right massage technique can revive and have a beneficial effect on the mind and body - even after a few minutes. Relaxation massage can aid blood circulation and help with the reduction of psychological and physical stress.

30 min   25 KM     |     60 min   55 KM     |     90 min   75 KM

Therapy Massages

Sports Massage

A sports massage improves blood circulation & metabolism. It reduces tension & pain in the muscles and in the entire body as well as. The patient’s performance & regeneration improves, whilst simultaneously purifying & detoxing the body. A sports massage is a variation of the classic massage.

Different massage techniques & intensities are individually tailored to suit the athlete, to achieve the ultimate objective of his/her type of sport and his/her improved performance, regeneration, relaxation or injury prophylaxis. A medical sports massage plays an important role in preparing for a training or competitions, or after a great physical exertion with the aim of restoring previous performance levels.

30 min  35 KM     |     60 min   65 KM     |     90 min   80 KM

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy is both mentally and physically strenuous and unusual for the body and mind and apart from that, the joints, which are stressed by the additional weight, cam be relieved. A massage during pregnancy can help to make this exciting journey a little easier and more relaxed. Massages with oil improves the skin's elasticity and a targeted leg massage reduces any water retention. In general, such a massage improves blood circulation what helps to alleviate headaches, sleep disturbances, tensions in areas of the shoulder, neck and back or even to completely relieve such discomforts.

60 min       60 KM

Foot reflex zone Massage

The reflex zone massage resembles the principle of Chinese acupressure. Each organ has its own zone on the foot through which a balancing effect can be achieved on the corresponding organ.

Since the foot reflex zone massage has an influence on the entire body via the feet, the range of effects of this form of massage is very extensive. It can basically have a positive effect on all diseases of the organs, relieve or heal pain in various muscle groups and support the body in stress and exhaustion. Usually it is used in addition to methods of conventional medicine. 

Several massage sessions are necessary to achieve the desired effect. As a rule, the symptoms improve with every further treatment.

30 min   30 KM    |      60 min   55 KM

Anti-Cellulite «GOODLIFE Special»

Are you preparing for summer or do you have problems with blood circulation and stubborn cellulite, so-called Orange peel? The Anti-Cellulite "GOODLIFE Special" or cellulite removal "Massage Gun - Vacuum" therapy, is a deep lipomassage technique that helps reduce the areas affected by stimulating the circulation and reducing adipose tissue. This non-invasive procedure - with for this purpose specially made vacuum cups - is used to remodel body areas affected by cellulite. For customers with visible cellulite this treatment is a top alternative to an ordinary massage, it remarkably improves skin elasticity and texture.

30 min   30 KM     |     45 min   40 KM

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

A lymphatic drainage is a type of a very light detox therapy which stimulates the lymph to let excess unnecessary fluid from swollen limbs and improve the overall functioning of the lymphatic system. It is specially designed for immediate results, but the treatment has a long-term benefit. A Manual Lymphatic drainage has a powerful detoxifying effect, does reduce edematous cellulite and is used before and after a liposuction surgery. This treatment is an integral part of an anti-cellulite massage and helps to solve skin problems such as redness and acne. The lymphatic system in our body serves to deliver nutrients to the cells and to drain all the fluid that is excess in our body, as well as cellular waste, bacteria, viruses and toxins. Manual lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymphatic system using gentle, circular movements.

30 min     30 KM

Manicure & Pedicure 

Classical Manicure

A classical manicure includes skin care around the nails, nail shaping, peeling and a short hydrating hand massage. The classic manicure treatment ends with the application of nail polish.

Classical Manicure

 45 min     30 KM

Spa Manicure

A Spa manicure treatment begins with a sea salt exfoliation and essential oil. And continues with a relaxing hand massage that stimulates acupuncture points and which relaxes the whole body. A rich and nourishing hand mask enriched with aromatic fragrances for the senses and one makes your hands soft and delicate.

45 min       40 KM

Classical Pedicure

Well-groomed skin, beautiful and gentle to the touch is one of the main features of women's feet, an aesthetic detail that makes a woman more beautiful and attractive. So, don’t let the skin on your feet be rough and unsightly, especially during the summer, when bare feet, flip flops and sandals.

45 min       40 KM

Spa Pedicure

The spa treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath with lavender, foot peeling with sea salt minerals. You will then enjoy a relaxing foot reflexology with stimulation of acupuncture points that will further relax your feet. The fantastic finish is a moisturizer that will make your feet soft and smooth.

45 min      40 KM


Cosmetic Treatment

The skin reflects our inner vitality and health.

In order to keep you skin in the best possible condition, it needs natural nutrients to stimulate the cellular activity, peripheral circulation and protection from external influences. Our recommendation is a regular facial care which includes exfoliation, ampoule treatment with active substance adapted to your skin condition, hyaluronic or vitamin serum, massages, masks and creams to protect and nourishing the skin, allow it to metabolize smoothly to prevent a premature aging.

45 min   45 KM     |     60 min   60 KM

Classical Treatment

You have problems with wrinkles, sagging facial skin or that your face has lost elasticity, whether the cause is stress or the season or the year. Don’t worry, there is a solution to that. Our exfoliation from the Dead Sea mineral with silver water, a mask with silver ions and finally a facial massage with a toning cream, will restore your face elasticity, firmness and shine.

45 min   45 KM     |     60 min   60 KM

Head and neck massage and facial mask

Are you tired and feeling a constant headache?

The solution is in our hands. With a face mask that releases toxins from your face, head and face massage completely eliminates headaches and relieves your thoughts, improves blood circulation and relieves your pain.

30 min   30 KM     |     60 min   60 KM

Cosmetic Treatment and Relax Massage

Problems with rough skin, acne on your face? Do you want to get rid of it?

The 45-minute facial with the portable high-frequency facial skin therapy machine wand cleanses pores and removes impurities from your skin. The skin is smooth and then hydrated with a cream that gives it suppleness and elasticity. We end the treatment with a beautiful relaxing massage lasting 30 minutes.

75 min   80 KM

Ear Candle Treatment

The use of ear candles and their effect is an old, mild and natural care of the inner ear. Ear candles are made of linen and beeswax, hardened with honey and herbal extracts. The ear candle is inserted into the ear and then inflamed, a pleasant warmth spreads and appropriate herbal extracts are released. A healing effect inside the ear takes place. This process causes a strong activation of the metabolic and lymphatic functions in the head area, thus producing a calming and stimulating effect on the autonomic nervous system.

45 min   50 KM



Tea Ceremony and surprise gift «GOODLIFE Spa»

Body scrub with sea salt and Argan oil (30 min)

Hot Stone Massage (60 min)

90 min       80 KM


Tea ceremony and a surprise gift «GOODLIFE Spa»

Deep pore cleansing facial mask (30 min)

Classic pedicure or manicure (45 min)

Anti-Age Treatment (45 min)

120 min      90 KM


Tea ceremony and a surprise gift «GOODLIFE Spa»

Facial Treatment (30 min)

Classical Massage (45 min)

Manicure or Pedicure Classic (45 min)

120 min      100 KM


Tea ceremony and a surprise gift «GOODLIFE Spa»

Women: Manicure or Pedicure Classic for the women (45 min)

Men: Special sport massage treatment with a Massager Gun (30 min)

Couple: Aromatherapy Massage; together in the same room (60 min)

110 min     150 KM

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